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B i o g r a p h y

George Robertson plays both solo and with groups.   He has his own clean style of guitar playing using either electric or acoustic.  His smooth, clear and full sound is reminiscent of some of the old Sun Studio works in Memphis.  He embodies Appalachian, Cajun and 60s British Invasion influences with a bit of soul thrown in.

The feel and energy of music is beyond amazing!  ​

Les Allwood, of Southern Country Magazine in the UK attended a show at the Norbury Hotel on London Road SW16 and wrote the following: “The other half of the show featured THE VIRGINIA CONNECTION, alias George Robertson.  He gave us two exciting and enjoyable sets of up to date music and was very well received.  Many wanted George to perform the final set of the evening rather than the house band!

Trip Adviser - Deborah B - October 2015 - We love the great menu, courteous and efficient wait staff, and the lineup of talented vocalists and musicians....Our favorite menu items are the chicken sliders, house salad and chicken waffle nachos. Favorite performers include 1)George Robertson and 2) Vic Lawson and the Boogie Chillin' Band.


Les Allwood, of Southern Country Magazine in the UK wrote the following: “They are certainly the most exciting new band I have seen in a long time both in terms of their choice of material and their approach to it.  A four-piece band including two Americans, George Robertson on lead vocals and guitar (he's from Virginia) and New Jersey-born Tina Hazleton on bass and vocals, along with two home-grown musicians, Ron James on lead guitar and vocals and Kevin King on drums.   Their repertoire included material from Alabama, The Marshall Tucker Band and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.  In addition to a very tight instrumental sound, they have given their harmony singing a lot of thought and this creates some very interesting effects.  All in all, I strongly recommend this band to anyone who likes great sounds.”

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